Solar systems

If you are insterested in installing a solar system in your house or business is better to inform yourself properly. Out expertise with any kind of batteries and storing units is at

Entertaining and domestic appliances

The majority of the modern electrical appliances contain batteries that can be replaced without returning the whole product. Exchange the battery, not your favorite toy or device!

Bicycles, scooters and hybrid cars

Any transport with electrical batteries eventually require some maintenance, repair or performance enhancement. Don’t exchange or get rid of a exhausted or bad quality battery at a high cost!


Extend the life of your batteries through the most modern regeneration techniques. Safe money for yourself and waste for the environment. Read more in SERVICES section.

Battery sales

Huge variety of battery types suitable for any kind of usage are available in our store. Our batteries meet the most demanding quality standards from all countries. Read more in CATALOGUE section.

Reuse, repair and sales of batteries

The ultimate solution for your batteries: counselling, technical support and maintenance in the most efficient way, though the latest regeneration technologies and the best vendors.



Commitment and Service

Our commitment to service goes even further. We know that the daily activities of your company can not stop, any unforeseen stoppage would be disastrous. Today more than ever the accumulated energy is essential in the production processes and services.

So REUBACAT always puts at your disposal the most advanced battery regeneration technology that exists at the international level, together with a team of professionals specialized in regeneration and maintenance. As specialists we are able to offer to our customers:

  • A complete consultancy service and maintenance for batteries.
  • The technical support necessary for the proper use of regeneration technology.
  • Fast response to all the questions our customers may have.
  • The training required to manage properly the maintenance, regeneration and conservation of battery clusters.
Investment and Profitability

What to do when the battery is exhausted? Perhaps the only thing would be to replace it with a new one. This was happening not so long time ago, today we have the solution, REUBACAT provides the best systems that allow regeneration of sulfated batteries and significantly reduce costs related to maintenance and replacement, particularly in those businesses where these operations have a significant economic impact.

Regeneration technology has a very significant impact in cost savings related to:

  • Battery Replacement.
  • Handling of waste.
  • Equipment maintenance.
  • Halts and interruptions.
  • Energy cost.

Every year millions of batteries are used, and while we increase the number of batteries used we also increase the number of discarded batteries. Recycling requires lots of resources, energy and time, and 9% of auxiliary compounds from the batteries are considered highly toxic waste because of the impossibility of reaching their full reuse. For these reasons reducing the number of batteries to be recycled is an important goal.

Extending the useful life of your batteries is a green and economical choice.

The solution: Regeneration

Regeneration allows battery reuse. REUBACAT regeneration system can double or even triple the life span of a good quality battery, and produces the best results on the ones still providing acceptable operating conditions.

It’s possible to:

  • Recover its performance and effectiveness.
  • Return to its original capacity.
  • Multiply its life.

The areas of application for our regeneration system are many:

Forklifts, electric vehicles, railways, boats, golf buggys, aircraft, naval platforms, hospitals, computer centers, highway toll centers, transmission towers, power plants (thermoelectric, hydroelectric, nuclear, tidal, wind and photovoltaic).